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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Establishment

I pride myself for at least thinking I am level headed person when it comes to politics.  I am not completely for or against either party because they have both become so polarized.  Maybe it's just a reflection of the growing rift between people today or a reflection of how people actually think. 

This all being said I really really dislike the post that are condemning people for voting their conscience with a 3rd candidate.  I've seen it on both sides.  Don't vote Gary Johnson because then the Republicans or the Democrats win.  You basically saying my vote, my mindset doesn't matter because my candidate isn't going to win anyways.  I'm sorry but I am not a sell out.  I don't do things because their popular or because the results.  I will always vote my conscience. 

I can't understand anyone who would vote for Clinton or Trump.  Both have done some unforgivable things.  I personally believe Clinton is worse but that's just me.  Before another option presented itself I was really thinking of writing my own name on the the ballot.

What's my point?  We aren't a communist nation but we're we have elections where the people are chosen for us. Wait!!  That's exactly how it's like.  The only thing separating us from that is one less party.  Sorry if I don't want my candidate chosen for me by super delegates or the rnc.  Which is flawed at its core.  I will always vote my conscience and I won't apologize for it.

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