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Friday, June 17, 2016

Gun Control

Something I've come to learn today.  Whether you are pro gun or anti gun there really is no federal research done into gun violence because there is a ban on it, or specifically there is no money to fund the research.  So anyone spouting polls made on either side please stop.  Not only is it insensitive especially right after a tragedy most polls are extremely bias. The most objective thing is to look at numbers.  Emotions unfortunately cloud judgement.  In order to be purely objective in our decision making process we need research into gun violence.  We need to see how many crimes of gun violence were actually caused by the legal or illegal acquisition of guns?  How many had a background check done on them? How many had been treated for mental illness?  Until then most if not all is just speculation.  This is the main reason why I ride the fence on this issue because there really isn't any objective data.  I mourn for the loss of life caused by guns and violence in general.  Let's all objectively look at this and make decisions.  And let's stop with the stupid Facebook memes for or against gun control because it just shows how lazy you are for not doing your own research.