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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Political Stuff

I usually refrain from making political posts because people end up attacking me or each other but I think our priorities are kind of messed up when certain Americans who say they don't want to vote for someone who gives handouts wants to vote Republican specifically Trump who has filed bankruptcy multiple times which is essentially asking the judicial system for a hand out.  In my opinion actions speak louder than words.  After months of research I going for Bernie.  His ideals match up more with mine and unlike other candidates he's straightforward.  I am still researching however. 

Typically with political posts I like to publish both sides just because I usually tend to disagree with both.  I feel the main reason there is income gap because small businesses have died out.  We all rely on someone else to pay our bills by trading our time rather than hustling ourselves and creating our own business.  This creates a class of people who are dependent on the decisions of a few people.  Then those people who think about business needs first take advantage.  However the reason our government is in a deficit is because our government is not the best stewards.  Waste, fraud, and abuse run rampant.  This is typically what conservatives point out.  They are also correct. 

For example the same government entity in charge of overseeing our taxes and affordable care act is the same entity who spent 4 million dollars on making a star trek movie for employee morale.  The irs has shown they aren't the greatest stewards. 

I think the tax code has to be rewritten to be clear and fair.  Without bias.  Self emoyment tax I believe is one of the biggest challenges facing the middle class.

Ok that's my rant.  Have an awesome day.  I have more to say but it could take all day.

Whoever finds God, finds life.

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