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Friday, September 4, 2015

Too Busy for Life

     Lately, I have come to realize how busy people are.  We are so busy all the time trying to make life happen and we never stop to think why we are busy or what is so important that we need to stay busy.  I understand the basic need to survive and provide.  The need to have a job so we can pay for electricity, water, and a roof over our heads.  Maybe even save for retirement.  I've talked to many people who have passed away.  The one thing any of them ever talked about wasn't about how much money they had or how much stuff they had.  It was two things typically.  They talked about things they loved or things they wished they had done.
     I remember high school.  Funny thing I remember about high school is how much stuff I did.  I went to school all day and then went to work.  The funny thing is I spent more hours and actually had my time spoken for more back then, however I didn't feel busy.  The need to do something all the time.  I mainly wanted to relax, hang out with my friends, and hang out with my family in my off time.  I had time to dream big dreams.  Think about life on the other side.
     So what happened?  Some would say life, responsibility, a wife maybe.  I don't think so.  True those things cause me to go to work and provide but I think it's the lie.  What lie am I talking about you ask? the lie that we need the 'American Dream'.  Big house, big car, 2.5 babies and an expensive hobby.  Notice that I use the word 'need'.  We feel we 'need' these things, so we go around working, buying a big house, getting our 2.5 kids since that is what we want.  Now you can substitute those 3 things with whatever you want.    I also think it is the need to 'be somebody'.  We are told when we are young that we can be anything we want.  That we are special.  Although this is a true statement we get to adult life and told if we don't live a dream and constantly produce that we are nothing.
     I know I am rambling a bit but bear with me.  My point is we are all zombies.  So hooked on making a living or living the 'American Dream' that we forget what is really important.  The one thing we can't get back is time.  I understand we all want stuff, money, and we all have our dreams.  It is important to have dreams and achieve them as well.  But lets not forget why we are achieving our dreams. 

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