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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dogs are awesome

Dogs are awesome.  That statement in and of itself could justify this blog but let's explore why.  I can really only speak for mine but they are great.  I have 3 dogs and a cat.  All 3 dogs have distinct personalities but are similar as well.  My dogs are my best friends.  They really only want love.  So a little about my dogs.  I have two pit bull mixes (one with a basengi and the other with a lab) and a yorkie.  Well I guess technically the yorkie is my wife's but really she is mine since she follows me around everywhere.  I mean come on face it.  So anyways, I was going to talk about how they are awesome.  Well first they are extremely good listeners.  It is great to talk to somebody who seems to listen to everything you say without giving input.  It is great to use dogs as sounding boards.  I sometimes found myself having a conversation with myself but mimicking what I think my dogs would say.  I know it's weird in fact its beyond weird but it centers me.  They seem to know when I am mad, sad, or happy.  When I am mad they come up and just start licking me.  It's like them saying "Hey, I know you are mad but I love you."  and when I am sad they will hand me their paw or lay down next to me.  When I am happy they will come over and demand I pet them or rub their belly.  Another thing is they teach me to find simple joys in life.  I mean dogs always seem to be extremely happy and joyful at the littlest things like walking, eating, and sleeping.  I mean the jump for joy when I get home.  Dogs are awesome that is all.

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