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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Below is a brief testimony I wrote a couple of months for when I came to know God.  Really know God.  It happened sometime last summer in the middle of lunch in the parking lot of Paycom, where I worked at the time.  When I wrote this my intention was to get it down to a condensed version so if anyone ever asked me for it I could tell him/her.  Never really wanted to put it public but God had other plans.  For many of you this is the first time you get a glimpse of beliefs.  I hope this gives you some insight to me and ultimately to the one I serve.  Please forgive any of my grammar errors.

Nate’s Testimony
            Before I came to know God, I believed I was a Christian.  I grew up in church and went every Sunday.  I believed in God.  My mom took me to church every Sunday.  My dad was even a Sunday School Teacher.  However I never let God be in charge of my life.  Growing up I was what you would call socially awkward.  It was hard especially around my elementary and middle school.  It was hard for me to make friends even at church.   My parents being divorced it was hard for me to have attachments to anyone because I would be in different cities most of the time.  Around high school I took off socially speaking.  My social skills became better once I got a job.   Of course I worked Sundays and went to church less and less.  Then my Senior Year came and I made my best and my worst decision.  I joined the Navy.   The main reasons I joined was because I figured it would keep me out debt and pay for education. I was told by my parents since I was young that I wouldn't be able to live with my parents once I turned 18 and graduated.  Joining the Navy seemed the best way.  I figured I would do my 4 years get my degree and everything would just fall into place.  A lot of things happened.  I gave 7 years of my life to Active Duty Navy.  Got married to my High School sweetheart and started working towards my civilian career, but something was missing.  I felt like I was a ship without a rudder (going in circles) with this thing called life.  Everything was great and bad. I felt I had no purpose on this earth. Trying to live the American Dream.   Nothing seem to fill this void in my life.
 In my quest to figure it all out especially with money I read a book call Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Good book everyone should read it.  It wasn’t religious or anything but it did have a verse scripture in there that read. Debtor is a slave to the Lender.  For some reason that verse of scripture kept playing around in my head for about a week.  Finally I dusted off my old bible and started reading.  I came across some verses where Jesus goes up to some of his future disciples who came in from fishing all night without catching anything.  He tells them to cast their nets on the other side.  Of course they balked but he pleaded them to go ahead and try again.  So they did and they caught a bunch fish, so much in fact that the net tore.  One of them asked if Jesus could teach them how to do it and Jesus replied.  “I will teach you to become fishers of men.” and they asked how of course and the one phrase that rocked me on my heels was the part where he said “follow me”.  It hit me right then that although I believed in Jesus I never really received and let him take charge of my life.  Then all the things I learned over the years started to make since.  This was what I was missing in my life.  The funny part is I was reading this during lunch in my car.  I immediately started praying to God to take charge of my life, forgive me of my self-center self.  Since I am not worthy of his love. I wanted purpose in my life.
Since then I have a profound sense of peace.  Being human I still make mistakes and try to do things on my own but God is right there to right me and put back on track.  I now have purpose in my life.  I hope this testimony provides insight and you can have the profound sense of peace and purpose I have now.  And at the end of the day I know if I died today I would wake up in Heaven.

I would like to say thank you to all those who influenced me in my life that led to this ultimate decision.  There are to many to name and many whom I probably helped me along the way behind the scenes.

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  1. This is so amazing, Nate!! I'm so proud and happy for you. God is amazing!!