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Thursday, August 25, 2016


The last few days I wanted to write something to memorialize my Mimi but I just couldn't find the words.  What do you say about someone whose been there since you were little.  Many things in my life has changed over the years.  I grew up, changed schools, moved overseas, got married, gave my life to Jesus, just life.  Just a whirlwind but it seemed to me that Mimi never changed.  She was there if you needed to talk.  She was a rock in my whirlwind world.  She had the greatest memory in the world.  She would ask about friends she'd never met just because I mentioned in a conversation.  When I grieve it takes awhile.  I am sort of like numb during the whole process and then it hits me like a ton of bricks.  When my mom passed away it hit me while driving home from the gas station.  Mimi's hit me going through my phone looking for a contact and there her phone number was.  It hit me that I can't call her again.

Everyone who knew my Mimi loved her.  What I love most is her confidence and the willing to say exactly what is on her mind.  You always knew where Mimi stood on something whether you agreed with her or not.  A lot of people don't know how generous she was too.  My Papa and Mimi were probably the most generous people I've ever met.  They never really talked about it but side comments from family and friends and somethings I've seen them do showed me exactly how generous they were.  She loved to read.  As my Dad said in his speech at her funeral you would never she her without her bible, or bible study plan she was reading.  In fact, when her eye sight started to go my Dad and his sisters got her a Kindle so she could blow up the font so she could always read it.  She loved her Jesus and it rubbed off on all of us.  In fact, it is because of that I know that although I grieve for her I will see her again.  People usually just say that and don't really know what it means.  It feels good to say that I will see her again but some people really don't believe.  I 100% believe that I will see her again, because we were both saved by Jesus meaning I gave up my self centerness and ugliness and ask Jesus to be the Captain of my life and she did as well.  You see Mimi was unapologetic in her love for Jesus.  She definitely wasn't ashamed to be known as a Jesus follower.  In an age when it isn't the most popular thing she didn't care.  I strive to be the same way I am unapologetically a Jesus follower.

Some of you reading this are one of four people.  Those who are like preach bother, others are offended, others are "christians" but are afraid to be unapologetic, other are "christian" and love to say they are every chance they get for self-centered attention.  Wherever you land I just want you to be real with yourself and the world.  "So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth." Revelation 3:16-NIV  This is a powerful verse.  I am always so worried about what other people think.  If we are honest many of us are.  The truth we should only be worried about what Jesus thinks.  When we just try to please everybody instead of just pleasing Jesus people will hate us anyway but Jesus will SPIT US OUT.  He is the only person who has ever been there for me all of the time.  Unmoving, unchanging, like a rock.  Someone who has conquered death and come back.  Someone who wants to have a relationship with YOU.  I invite you to call out to Jesus if you don't him personally just like my Mimi did, just like I do.  Even though I am a wretch as Paul says.  My Dad speech at my Mimi's funeral I would label as "Mom loved me anyway".  He proceeded to go through the list of stupid, comical, and bad things he did and yet "Mom loved me anyway".  God is the same way but more so because he is perfect and has unconditional love for us.  Mimi got that from pursuing to be more like Jesus because he was the first to love us.  

Mimi was a rock to me, but she left a greater gift by being one person who helped me see Jesus for who his really is.  I hope that you will see Jesus as my Mimi did.  Love you Mimi.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Establishment

I pride myself for at least thinking I am level headed person when it comes to politics.  I am not completely for or against either party because they have both become so polarized.  Maybe it's just a reflection of the growing rift between people today or a reflection of how people actually think. 

This all being said I really really dislike the post that are condemning people for voting their conscience with a 3rd candidate.  I've seen it on both sides.  Don't vote Gary Johnson because then the Republicans or the Democrats win.  You basically saying my vote, my mindset doesn't matter because my candidate isn't going to win anyways.  I'm sorry but I am not a sell out.  I don't do things because their popular or because the results.  I will always vote my conscience. 

I can't understand anyone who would vote for Clinton or Trump.  Both have done some unforgivable things.  I personally believe Clinton is worse but that's just me.  Before another option presented itself I was really thinking of writing my own name on the the ballot.

What's my point?  We aren't a communist nation but we're we have elections where the people are chosen for us. Wait!!  That's exactly how it's like.  The only thing separating us from that is one less party.  Sorry if I don't want my candidate chosen for me by super delegates or the rnc.  Which is flawed at its core.  I will always vote my conscience and I won't apologize for it.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gun Control

Something I've come to learn today.  Whether you are pro gun or anti gun there really is no federal research done into gun violence because there is a ban on it, or specifically there is no money to fund the research.  So anyone spouting polls made on either side please stop.  Not only is it insensitive especially right after a tragedy most polls are extremely bias. The most objective thing is to look at numbers.  Emotions unfortunately cloud judgement.  In order to be purely objective in our decision making process we need research into gun violence.  We need to see how many crimes of gun violence were actually caused by the legal or illegal acquisition of guns?  How many had a background check done on them? How many had been treated for mental illness?  Until then most if not all is just speculation.  This is the main reason why I ride the fence on this issue because there really isn't any objective data.  I mourn for the loss of life caused by guns and violence in general.  Let's all objectively look at this and make decisions.  And let's stop with the stupid Facebook memes for or against gun control because it just shows how lazy you are for not doing your own research.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Political Stuff

I usually refrain from making political posts because people end up attacking me or each other but I think our priorities are kind of messed up when certain Americans who say they don't want to vote for someone who gives handouts wants to vote Republican specifically Trump who has filed bankruptcy multiple times which is essentially asking the judicial system for a hand out.  In my opinion actions speak louder than words.  After months of research I going for Bernie.  His ideals match up more with mine and unlike other candidates he's straightforward.  I am still researching however. 

Typically with political posts I like to publish both sides just because I usually tend to disagree with both.  I feel the main reason there is income gap because small businesses have died out.  We all rely on someone else to pay our bills by trading our time rather than hustling ourselves and creating our own business.  This creates a class of people who are dependent on the decisions of a few people.  Then those people who think about business needs first take advantage.  However the reason our government is in a deficit is because our government is not the best stewards.  Waste, fraud, and abuse run rampant.  This is typically what conservatives point out.  They are also correct. 

For example the same government entity in charge of overseeing our taxes and affordable care act is the same entity who spent 4 million dollars on making a star trek movie for employee morale.  The irs has shown they aren't the greatest stewards. 

I think the tax code has to be rewritten to be clear and fair.  Without bias.  Self emoyment tax I believe is one of the biggest challenges facing the middle class.

Ok that's my rant.  Have an awesome day.  I have more to say but it could take all day.

Whoever finds God, finds life.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Your own worst enemy

     We are our own worst enemy.  Many times we go through life blaming others, our circumstances, and our abilities.  We constantly lie all the time and the worst part is we lie to ourselves the most.  In the bible it says “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? Jeremiah 17:9 NLT
     This means to me that our own hearts, being, soul is wicked by nature.  It is selfish and conniving by nature.  We typically always think things through a selfish perspective.  I've learned we are meant to be more than just selfish.  We need to love and serve others but we don't have the strength ourselves.
     We were all created for a purpose.  A purpose we were specifically designed for and that is to love our creator.  Our creator sent his own son to die for us.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that the creators son took on our sin, truly deceitful wickedness, our selfish desires so that we can have a relationship with our creator through his son.  Then we will be complete.
     Most of us are broken, purposeless, a ship without a rudder.  We don't know really what's the point in all of this.  We fool ourselves by putting our faith in our work, money, security, and even our own families but ultimately we are all human and they all let us down at some point in our lives.  The good news is that we have a creator that wants to complete us.  Wants to be our friend, companion, teacher, mentor, provider, etc.
     This is where we become our own worst enemy.  We feel we don't need our creators help.  That we can do it all alone.  We fool ourselves into thinking we got it all figured out, but we were meant to be alone we were to be complete by loving our creator and others.  All it takes is for us to recognize that we are selfish and sinful by nature, ask our creator to take away all of that sin, and ask our creator to come into our life and be our companion.
    My friends ever since I have done this my life has truly never been the same.  It is beyond words how peaceful I have been since fully accepting this.  My life was a wreck, personally with loss, and professionally and I realized that I can't do this on my own.  I invite you to do the same.
    Maybe you not sure about this but want to find out more.  I myself go to Life Church and you can go to their website  You can also join me sometime at any of their locations.